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About Us

About Us

Our clothing represents the ROOTS, CULTURE AND TRADITIONS of our Panjabi heritage, that is who we are, that is B-Coalition. Our vision is to share our message and not just our designs. Our focus is to entrench ourselves in strengthening the awareness of our ROOTS, CULTURE AND TRADITIONS to the younger generations. Our clothing is fashioned to make a statement while maintaining its intrinsic quality and practical style. We pride ourselves on designs that we would wear with our chests out and our heads held up high, and we know you’ll feel the same.


The numbers speak for themselves


How many represent the Coalition with pride


How many places the Coalition has spread to


How many messages have been translated into shirts


How long we have been spreading the message

Our Approach

Wear It

Our clothing is designed to make a statement about who we are. Spread the message, Rep it with pride and Join the Coalition!

Display It

View the rich history of Panjab and its heroes with our stunning 18×24 poster collection, coming soon

Show It

Take a selfie of you reppin’ our gear and join the B-Coaliton community via Facebook/Instagram/Twitter





About the message, About the cause

The B-Coalition Collection

One of the many ways that we are sharing the essence of our Panjabi ROOTS, CULTURE AND TRADITIONS is through our apparel. We want you to join us in sharing this message. We offer t-shirts, crew necks and hoodies that depict the rich ROOTS, CULTURE AND TRADITIONS of the Indian state of Panjab. B-Coalition apparel is for the versatile individual who is proud to be Panjabi and who wants to embrace the opportunity to share their ROOTS, CULTURE AND TRADITIONS with the rest of the world. Join our social media sites to get a heads up on our latest designs and receive the latest news on whats new with B-Coalition. As always, we appreciate all the support and look forward to seeing you join us in sharing our ROOTS, CULTURE AND TRADITIONS. 

january Panjab Pride Collection
Feb_AnonSingh Anonymous Singh Black Pride Collection · Recently Added
Mar_BhagatRajguruSukhdev Bhagat | Rajguru | Sukhdev History Collection · Recently Added
Bonus01_Avenger Avenger History Collection · Recently Added
CoaliationLibrary Bhagat Singh Library History Collection
Inspiration Inspiration History Collection
99Problems_Turban 99 Problems But My Turban Aint One Pride Collection
Fearless Fearless History Collection
5RiversRunThroughMyVeins 5 Rivers Pride Collection
Legends Legends Pride Collection
PunjabInMe Punjab In Me Pride Collection
Warrior Warrior History Collection
Powerful Powerful History Collection
Immortal Immortal History Collection
Revolution Revolution History Collection
Freedom Freedom History Collection
Lioness Lioness History Collection
Amritsar Amritsar District Collection
Patiala Patiala District Collection
Chandigarh Chandigarh District Collection
Jalandhar Jalandhar District Collection
Ludhania Ludhania District Collection
Lahore Lahore District Collection

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